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Monday, March 27, 2017

March 29


29th March, 2017

My Horoscope for today says:

Jun 23 - Jul 23
Why do you sometimes feel like the odd one out? As if everyone around feels differently to you. It's as if you're at a theatre, watching a comedy. Everyone is laughing at the jokes and enjoying themselves. Except you. Is it because there's something wrong with you... or something wrong with them? The truth is neither. You'll find what's right for you. It just might not be right here, right now. The New Moon suggests that a change is coming, and with it will be a new sense of belonging. You'll see. With the New Moon comes clarity. 


28th March

Cyclone Debbie is hitting Bowen, Queensland. 

Big damage to Queensland. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


19th March, 2017

Flight JQ11
Coolangatta Airport to Narita, Tokyo. 


18th March, 2017

Brunch @ Toogum

Drive back to Gold Coast. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


17th March, 2017 

St. Patrick's Day 

License Centre
Natalie ( work ) 
Coffee @ H/Bay
Lunch @ Boat Harbour
Afternoon with Bob & Roz - check out bbq

We three, Stav, Ian, Chikako went for a walk along 
The Esplanade @ Hervey Bay. 
It was such a beautiful Friday. 

We had coffee in a coffee shop -  roof / wall garden, very cool ! 

A school of white bait in the crystal clear water. 

Look closely for the garfish swimming about
and occasionally eating a baitfish. 

We walked out on Urangan Pier. 
It was very interesting. 

Then we drove down to the Boat Harbour 
to await Alicia's arrival for lunch. 

I drank a delicious vanilla milk shake. 

After lunch we headed over to Bob & Roz's house for arvo tea. 

Bob recently purchased a new bbq from BBQs Galore. 
It is a new brand to me; I was suitably impressed. 

Roz & Bob. 

Stav & Alicia recently purchased some surf skis. 

The mighty WEBER bbq. 

Maggie the Speagle - 8 years old. 

Stav's Bonsai tree - aptly named, JASPER. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


16th March, 2017

Jun 23 - Jul 23
Artists often experience a sense of apprehension when they find themselves staring at a blank canvas. The moment they commit themselves to an outline shape, the challenge changes and suddenly, they're building on a firm idea rather than hovering around the edges of a vague possibility. Not that I'm saying you've got an empty page to fill. But, now the Moon has opposed Mars as Mercury made a tricky alignment, a similar sense of uncertainty will surround the move you need to make next. Just make one anyway! The Equinox is coming, when wrongs can be righted, all things can be equal and everything can change.

Check out of Hamilton
Drive to H/ Bay.